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Website development

The purpose of the existence of a commercial website is to bring profit to its owner. Proceeding from this, we offer websites according to the following requirements:

  • Convenience for users (usability);
  • Attractive design;
  • Necessary functionality;
  • Optimum terms of development;



Website promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to boost the traffic to your website and improve your ranking in results on Google, Yandex and other search engines. For example, if you are selling tyres in Cronulla Sydney, the person who is looking for tyres and lives in Cronulla will find your website.



Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising (PPC — Pay Per Click or SEM — Search Engine Marketing) is an action to attract target audience from advertising systems for their conversion into customers.

Our company has extensive experience in setting up advertising campaigns in various business areas. We work with a wide variety of subjects. We are an affiliate of Google Partners. All the employees of the advertising department are certified by Google and are regularly trained and attested.




Usability audit is the fastest and budgetary way to increase the efficiency of your website (increase sales, collect leads, etc.), without making global changes to its structure.




Web analytics of the website (Web analytics) — comprises tracking, collection and measurement of quantitative and qualitative data on the website traffic with the subsequent analysis. The main task of web analytics is website optimization and web marketing initiatives.



Social Networks (SMM)

Why Do Companies Need Marketing In Social Networks?
30 years ago – business received new customers through the “yellow pages”. 20 years ago – the Internet rushed in our life with its website catalogs and search engines. It is not enough in the 21st century. Modern consumers have been looking for information on a new product or service on an average of 10 resources, one of which is necessarily a favorite social network.



Technical support

Hosting — (англ. hosting) — услуга по предоставлению ресурсов для размещения информации на сервере, постоянно находящемся в сети.
server management
website modification


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