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Why Do Companies Need Marketing In Social Networks?

30 years ago – business received new customers through the “yellow pages”. 20 years ago – the Internet rushed in our life with its website catalogs and search engines. It is not enough in the 21st century. Modern consumers have been looking for information on a new product or service on an average of 10 resources, one of which is necessarily a favorite social network. If your company is not in social networks, then it does not have trust in the target audience, which means there are no sales!

SMM is often considered a simple matter which is the secretary’s smooth sailing. And this is the first-rate blunder which gives an advantage to competitors.

Marketing in social networks is part of classic marketing, not entertainment. It necessarily consists of a marketing strategy, a system of key performance indicators, analysis and evaluation of results. And of course, the system work, which requires huge resources.

Our SMM specialists will help:

Identify the target audience and find it in all the popular social networks;
Form a promotion strategy based on your current business goals;
Prepare interesting content that will make the audience get into it;
Create a community around your brand and work on increasing the audience’s loyalty to it;
As a result, sales will increase.


From sign-up and registration of representative offices in popular social networks – to the development of a full-fledged marketing strategy with the use of contextual advertising.

Complex promotion and maintenance of pages in social networks costs from 3 000 UAH/month.

The price depends on the specifics and subjects of your project.

Targeted Facebook Advertising

Targeted advertising on Facebook provides a fairly extensive toolkit for attracting customers to your business. At this moment, the coverage of users on Facebook is not much inferior to the coverage of Google’s search advertising, being a powerful tool for promoting your business. Many companies have long appreciated the benefits of advertising on Facebook.

Our specialists provide such a range of services for targeted advertising on Facebook:

• Definition of Target Audience;
• Development of branding advertising;
• Development of commercial advertising;
• Development of lead generation advertising;
• Development of Instagram advertising campaigns;
• Targeted promotion of posts to increase the reach of users of a potential Target Audience;
• Setting the Facebook code in the site code;
• Customization of individualized audiences (remarketing collection, lookalike audience);
• Analytics of an advertising channel to ensure maximum results of the campaign.

Advantages of advertising on Facebook is a rapid delivery of information about the brand and promotions to a potential consumer. The constant audience that spends time in social networks is increasing year by year.


or people will be
interested in your
brand thanks to SMM

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SMM Advertising Results

Before starting up work, we always conduct a business interview to determine your goals, in order to focus on them when carrying out an audit procedure.


Correctly formed
attitude to your brand


Steady interest of
potential customers


Sales conversion

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