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Establish public relations and manage the reputation of your brand online, otherwise, competitors will do it for you.

What are we doing

  • Development of PR strategy

  • Conduction of PR campaigns

  • Writing PR articles

  • Reputation Management SERM

What are PR and SERM

PR is the “voice” and “face” of your company, an efficient tool for building the reputation of your brand, service or product. It is more flexible and more productive than classic advertising, it builds long-term communication with consumers and investors.

SERM will help to displace negativity about the company from the top of search results.The goal of the SERM strategy is to improve the image and to create the proper brand reputation on the network.

Why does your company need PR and SERM?

You care about your reputation

Reputation impacts sales and brand credibility. Therefore, control over reputation and image improvement is a long-term priority of the company.

You lose the competitive struggle

Competitors do not sleep and often use dirty methods of struggle. You must be prepared for the battle for reputation.

There is negativity about the company on the network.

You need to work with constructive criticism and negative reviews, otherwise, they will turn into lost profits.

You want to increase audience loyalty

Proper PR on the Internet and reputation management forms emotional connections between customers and the brand, help to build long-term relationships.

How the process goes

  • We analyze the current image of the company, niche, competitors, market situation.
  • We monitor brand mentions, top managers, services, products, identify sources of negativity and “gaps” in a PR strategy.

  • We develop and implement a strategy for PR promotion and reputation management.

  • We prepare informational materials, establish cooperation with the media, opinion leaders, bloggers, public organizations, plan events and participation in public events.

  • We analyze the return and the result, if necessary, adjust the strategy.

Prices and services

We offer various packages of PR and SERM services for solving specific tasks of your business. You can contact our specialist – he will select the optimal individual range of services specifically for your company.


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