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Website Development


The purpose of the existence of a commercial website is to bring profit to its owner. Proceeding from this, we offer websites according to the following requirements:

  • Convenience for users (usability);
  • Attractive design;
  • Necessary functionality;
  • Optimum terms of development;
  • Technical support and improvement;
  • Site administration;
  • Platform security;
  • Adaptation for mobile devices.

Website Development Terms:

  • Landing page – within 15 working days;
  • Corporate website – within 30 working days
  • Online store, CMS Magento, OpenCart – within 45 working days;
  • Portal, business automation, and other complex projects – within 30 working days.

List Of Works To Be Performed During Development:

  • Filling the brief with the customer;
  • Discussion of the project;
  • Prototypes of website pages*;
  • Technical Assignment*;
  • Creation of page design (development of a logo, corporate style, if necessary)*;
  • Layout and programming;
  • Primary filling**;
  • Testing;
  • Delivery acceptance of the finished product;
  • Running the finished website on the production server.

If necessary, other essential works can be performed, the time and cost of which are approved separately.
* The need for this step is determined based on the results of work on the previous points.
**Full content is made if necessary. The scope and conditions of work are approved separately.

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Responsive design:

More than 70% of Internet users use mobile devices. Therefore, from a commercial point of view it is very important to have your website mobile friendly. Internet agency LuxSite develops all websites as responsive, mobile-first.

Responsive layout allows you to increase the search engine rating, as well as speed up the process of optimising your site.

What is responsive design – an approach that involves changing the design, depending on the user’s behaviour, screen size and platform. In other words, the page should automatically adjust to each device. This avoids the development of a design for each new device, which reduces the cost of developing the site.

The whole concept of a responsive website is that it dynamically (in real time) adapts to the size of your device, and if the size of the screen suddenly widens / shrinks, then the site will react to it without delay, without reloads or delays.

As a result, we get one single version of the site, which is displayed on any devices and screens, taking into account their features.

Hosting Selection

The website should be accessible to your customers. Hosting is a service that allows you to host a website on a special server that ensures its continuous online availability.
We help to choose a hosting company and place the website on its server. If necessary, we serve customer servers.

Creation And Promotion Of Turnkey Websites


Suitable for
promotion of single
goods/services, or
as a business card website


Website providing
comprehensive information
about the company
and its activities


A full-fledged store
with managed directory
of goods, a cart,
commercial accounting


For information websites,
or media designed for
large traffic and
individual functionality

We Use CMS And Frameworks

This article describes three platforms for creating websites: Opencart, Magento and Symfony 2. Upon reading this article, you will be advised on which of the described platforms should be used in your case.

Tip: If you do not have time to read the entire article, just read 3 small paragraphs highlighted in green. These are quick tips for choosing a platform.

Quick Tip:
Use Opencart to create small online stores, or start-ups. Opencart is the speed of operation, simplicity and accessibility in use.

  • What is Opencart?
  • Opencart features
  • Opencart functionality
  • Opencart comparison with other e-commerce platforms
  • When should I use Opencart?
  • Website maintenance using Opencart

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Quick Tip:
Use Magento to create complex and large online stores.
Magento is a solution with vast functionality for a large store requiring an appropriate approach from the business owner.

  • What is Magento?
  • Magento features
  • Magento functionality
  • Magento comparison with other e-commerce platforms
  • When should I use Magento?
  • Website maintenance using Magento
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Quick Tip: Use Symfony 2 to develop complex projects of any direction when capabilities of specialized platforms are exhausted and if you have experience with simpler systems. Symfony 2 practically offers unlimited possibilities for large and complex projects of various kinds.

  • What is Symfony 2?
  • Symfony 2 features
  • Symfony 2 functionality
  • Symfony 2 comparison with other e-commerce platforms
  • When should I use Symfony 2?
  • Website maintenance using Symfony 2
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