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Analytics of the website

Web analytics of the website (Web analytics) — comprises tracking, collection and measurement of quantitative and qualitative data on the website traffic with the subsequent analysis. The main task of web analytics is website optimization and web marketing initiatives.

What Is The Purpose Of Web Analytics?

  • Understanding of the effectiveness of investments in advertising channels
  • Identification of problem areas of the website
  • Estimation of quality and quantity of incoming traffic to the website
  • Security of the most efficient and cost-effective traffic sources
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of each advertising campaign, in all advertising channels
  • Assessment of website usability for a buyer or a potential customer
  • Reduction of costs for 1-client capture
  • Finding the potential for increasing website conversion
  • Improvement of the return on invested funds (ROI). *

*ROI (от англ. Return on Investment) — is a measure of the return on investment. It is calculated as the ratio of the amount of profit or loss to the amount of investments.

Analysis of the

strengths and weaknesses of your business

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Google Analytics Services

We offer advanced configuration of Google
Analytics on the website. Code implementation on
the website, configuration of unique events on the
website (implementation through Google Tag Manager).

Custom metrics. Adjustment of goals of
the elementary and multi-channel sequences, building
a sales funnel which allows you to monitor the quality of traffic.

Hypotheses of user behavior and introduction of improvements to the website. Implementation of custom reports on traffic channels. Monitoring of the efficiency of traffic channels.

Check of usability and involvement of the audience in the content of the website. Suggestions for making changes to the content of the website to improve involvement of the audience.

Monthly reporting on traffic
channels and their effectiveness;

Implementation of Yandex Metrics to view website visits;

Setting up E-commerce trading in Google Analytics.

Implementation of Google Analytics’ Reporting API.

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